Mayor Jackson to address use of force and continuing reform

RAW: Mayor Jackson on use of force
Mayor Jackson at City Hall. (Source: WOIO)
Mayor Jackson at City Hall. (Source: WOIO)

Mayor Frank G. Jackson addressed the overall reduction of use of force in the Cleveland Division of Police and continuing reforms during a news conference Friday.

The discussion was held on Lakeside in Mayor's Red Room at 11:00 a.m.

Mayor Jackson spoke about how the Cleveland Police Dept. has evolved over the years, for example they went from using chock holds to using pepper spray.

"The policy changes we were making the things we put in place and the transparency and the accountability we were using actually has some results," Mayor Jackson said, "now were in the process to determine what part of the findings do we agree with or don't agree with."

The mayor also said even though they have made improvements he knows that more needs to be done. Among the goals, to hire a more diverse mix of  police officers, one that represents the community.

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Mayor Jackson said he will continue to pass along information concerning progress as it becomes available.

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