Cleveland City Hall employees working without heat

Cleveland City Hall employees working without heat

Workers at Cleveland City Hall have been working in no heat since Wednesday. At the end of the work week, the heat still isn't on and we're told it could be days before the problem is fixed.

The birth and death certificates department was full with residents wanting to do business on Friday, but as you walk in, you can notice a temperature change from the main lobby to inside the office at City Hall.

Three days ago,

discovered the heat had been out for several days in the department. On Thursday, the

confirmed it. The department's heater stopped working and City Hall realized it didn't have the parts to repair it.

Workers behind the counter in the main lobby are not bundled up, but it might be slightly cooler in the back offices.

Space heaters are out and operating.

In other parts of City Hall, the heat is on and events in the main lobby are being held.

This is an old building, so it's not a shock to anyone that from time to time, you will find an issue with boilers and heating units. But no heat for days is a surprise.
We've learned the heat is back on at Fire Station 41 on East 116th Street, after receiving a tip that for several days it was out. Scott Taylor dropped by Friday to doublecheck and discovered 24 hours ago the heat was out, but has since been turned back on. 
It appears the heat over at City Hall in the birth and death certificates department will be out for several more days. They hope to have the replacement parts in next week and have things wrapped up at the end of the week in the department. 

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