Calling all cereal lovers: Cereal cafe opens in London

Calling all cereal lovers: Cereal cafe opens in London

Breakfast lovers in London can't get enough of Britain's first cereal café, a restaurant that serves up over 100 kinds of cereal day and night.

"So the Lion King is a really popular one. It's lion cereal with coco-caramel shreddies," says Alan Keery, co-owner of the Cereal Killer Café

The choices are endless at Britain's first cereal café with 120 childhood favorites from around the world.

Keery explains, "We've got Strawberry Puffs from South Africa, we've got Nutrigrain from Australia, Chocopic from France. The biggest and best selection has to come from America though."

Guiliano Rosse came all the way from Venice for some Lucky Charms.

"I always see it on the television and would like to try it one time," he exclaims.

32-year-old Alan Keery opened the Cereal Killer café in East London with his twin brother, Gary.

Keery believes he has sold about 25,000 bowls of cereal already. The self-confessed cereal addicts want to help others with the same obsession.

No bowl of cereal is complete without milk, and with 78 varieties, you can take your pick.

"You know we don't close till 10 o'clock so you got plenty of time," Keery adds. Cereal lovers dine in a museum full of collectibles from the 80's and 90's.

Olivia Randalls, who is celebrating her birthday says, "Oh, I just feel like I'm five years old again."

The Keery brothers say they're looking to open Cereal Killer cafés in the US and they'll have a cookbook out later this year that will be full of recipes you can make with cold cereal.
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