DDIW: Olay Pro X Advanced Cleansing System

DDIW: Olay Pro X Advanced Cleansing System

(WOIO) - How far would you go to look younger? Some women spend thousands on cosmetic surgery. But I looked into a product that costs less than $25. But you ask, Danielle, Does It Work?

We do a lot to look like good: Scrub our faces with exfoliators, slather on creams, and wear masks -- all to have healthy looking skin.

And Mel Massey was hoping for just that, when she contacted us on

to test a product called the


"The skin care products that I have, I've been using them for a while, and I thought maybe it's time to switch it up and try something different," Massey says.

The makers of the product claim that after just five days of use, more than 90 percent of users noticed visible improvement in the appearance of their skin.

But you ask, Danielle Does It Work?

We took Mel to the

in Beachwood, where Dr. Lydia Parker, a plastic surgeon and dermatologist, examined Mel's skin.

"She has a lot of sun damage, fine lines, freckling, brown spots and larger pores," says Dr. Parker.

Mel's usual cleaning routine is like many others -- not very thorough -- which she admits.

"I usually splash my face in the morning and put on an SPF lotion. And at night, wash my face and kind of have abrasive pads," Mel says.

And that's led to some dry patches, and enlarged pores, which you could see with a special camera that shows close-up images.

But Dr. Parker thought this product might address some of those issues.

"I think it will help clean her skin better. It will help her get her makeup off better. It will also help with the dry patches," says Parker.

The Pro X is simple enough to use.

"Start with the special cleanser, massage over moist face, nose, and pat dry," Mel says as she reads the directions.

Then you use the cleansing brush for 60 seconds twice a week, which Mel hopes will:

"Smooth out my skin, maybe the fine lines are minimized, even out the skin tones," she says.

Now, even though the product says you'll see results in five days, we had Mel use it for 10. And that's when we brought Mel back to Dr. Parker's office for the follow-up exam.

After analyzing Mel's face, Dr. Parker and Mel agreed that the Pro X made a slight difference, but it didn't do everything Mel had hoped. In the before and after pictures, you can see the dark patches faded a bit.

"As expected, the brown spots are not gone. The wrinkles are not gone. But a little bit of exfoliating every day is great to get off dead skin cells," says Dr. Parker.

Parker thought if Mel used the Pro X in conjunction with smoothing or fading creams, it would work better.

But Mel loved it.

"My face just felt clean and smooth."

And she said now her moisturizer went on easier.

So it seems the Pro X Advanced Cleansing System is no amateur.

Dr. Parker said using just a wash cloth will also help exfoliate your skin. But if you want this product,

customers gave it four and a half out of five stars. The major complaint was some users say it was too harsh for their skin.

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