Reduced sentences for so-called Amish Mafia

Reduced sentences for so-called Amish Mafia

Sam Mullet will spend the next seven years in federal prison.  A judge reduced his sentence by five years, for his part in attacks in the Amish community.

Mullet, the so-called leader of the Amish Beard Bandits, was originally facing 15 years behind bars.

Mullet and 15 of his followers got a chance to be re-sentenced after a Circuit Court tossed out a hate crime charge, but kept additional charges intact, including kidnapping and lying to the FBI.

Seven who are still in prison also received reduced sentences. Eight others who are already out of jail were sentenced to time served.

Mullet and his flock were convicted after they cut the beards and hair of other members of the Amish community.

Sam Mullet's defense team thought there was a chance Mullet would walk away a free man after spending the last three years in prison.

"He is disappointed and sad today but he is a man with incredible spirit. The thing that he is most disappointed about is that his Community needs him," said Edward Bryan, Mullet's attorney.

Mullet is expected to appeal his sentence.

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