Neighbors go head to head in shovel scuffle

Neighbors go head to head in shovel scuffle

EASTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - Police are investigating a snowy mess in Eastlake. Two neighbors went head to head over shoveling.

"He came outside yelling at me, 'what are you doing' this and that," explained Will Immke.

"I specifically told him I don't need you to shovel my section of the sidewalk," said Larry Myers.

Will Immke says he was trying to do a good deed for a disabled neighbor by shoveling the snow off her driveway and the sidewalk.

But Immke says it ended with him getting pushed and shoved in the face by his elderly neighbor Larry Myers.

"I just threw him off of me and I just kept doing what I was doing. He walked away grabbed his snow blower and started blowing snow," said Immke.

It happened Sunday on East Overlook Drive. Another neighbor snapped photos of the incident.

"He says what are you going to do about it? I grabbed him by his coat like this and I says I'm telling you again don't touch my sidewalk," said Myers.

Myers says he started snow blowing his driveway and warned Immke to move. He didn't so snow started flying his way.
Myers filed a report with Eastlake Police. Officers took a statement from Immke and are now investigating.

The two admit they've had their issues with each other for years. But Sunday's snowy fight may have been the breaking point.

Immke says Myers even blew the snow that he shoveled back onto the sidewalk.

"This was over snow. In the fall it's over the leaves. It's just constant," said Immke.

Myers says his neighbor threw snow back at him. Eastlake Police even put the incident up on their Facebook page.

Myers could be charged with assault.

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