Frozen water lines a nuisance in Akron

Frozen water lines a nuisance in Akron

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Due to the recent record setting subzero temperatures and snowfall, the Akron Water Department has been responding to a historic number of customers experiencing frozen meters and frozen underground house lines.

We are suggesting that customers that have experienced any freezing at any time in the past, to run "a pencil stream" of water, at all times, around the clock, from the faucet closest to your water meter (usually a sink in the basement), to alleviate repeat freezing or even initial freezing from occurring.

With warming temperatures predicted beginning this weekend, it is anticipated that frozen lines will begin to thaw on their own, possibly this week and into the weekend.

If you are experiencing problems with your waterline and/or meter, call 330-375-2420.

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