Rocky River officials nervous about rising river levels

Rocky River officials nervous about rising river levels

ROCKY RIVER, OH (WOIO) - The City of Rocky River will be monitoring the Yacht Club basin and the Rocky River. Rising temperatures can lead to broken pieces of ice jamming the flow of water in the river. The ensuing water pressure from rain and snow melt can lead to a sudden surge of water. Flooding can happen rapidly and there may not be time to collect important items. Due to these unpredictable circumstances, if you notice high water you must make the critical, personal decision to quickly leave your residence.

Please be prepared in the event that you need to evacuate your home.

  • Plan on where to go in advance
  • Pack important insurance paperwork, photographs and items of value, medications, phone charger, etc. for easy removal from your home including an overnight bag
  • Make a point to unplug electronics, move items off the floor and possibly turn the power off to your home before evacuating

It is important to note that footing can be undermined in only 6 inches of moving water. The river water will rise quickly; if you notice high water please do not wait to be evacuated. Our safety forces are on alert to watch and assist; however, you do not need to wait for evacuation. Once you leave, please do not return to your home for any reason after water rises or evacuation efforts have begun. Return to your residences after you have been notified that it is safe.

For more tips and information to help prepare and to help you in the aftermath if flooding occurs please reference:

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