Cleveland mayor calls for complete reform in police department

Cleveland mayor calls for complete reform in police department

At his State of the City address, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson wasted no time mentioning that he wants complete reform in the police department after the findings of excessive use of force in a


Our Scott Taylor discovered that Mayor Jackson met with Justice Department officials earlier this week. We asked Jackson for specifics of his plan for reform.

"As we go along we will talk about it, but what I won't talk about are the individual things we are negotiating and the differences we have in the negotiations," said Mayor Jackson.

On Tuesday, Samaria Rice said she was still waiting for an apology from the city for the shooting death of her 12-year-old son Tamir by Officer Timothy Loehmann.

24 hours earlier, Mayor Jackson did apologize for the use of offensive language in the city's response to the Rice family's civil lawsuit.

But Rice made it clear that the mayor did not apologize to her for her son's death.

"I have not gotten an apology from the City of Cleveland or the Police... and it hurts," said Samaria Rice.

We asked Mayor Jackson if he still owes the Rice family an apology.

Scott Taylor asked the mayor, "Can you tell me why you haven't reached out to them?"

"You are assuming that is a fact," answered Mayor Jackson.
Taylor said, "That is what she said yesterday."

Mayor Jackson added, "I appreciate a mother and I am not going to contradict a mother but you assume that is a fact."

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