Potholes are big business for tire stores

Potholes are big business for tire stores
Melting snow reveals potholes (Source: WOIO)

CANTON, OH (WOIO) - As the snow begins to melt, huge craters are revealed in roads across the area.

If you can avoid a trip to your local tire shop during this pothole season you should consider yourself ahead of the game.

"Yeah, it's definitely worse this year, last year wasn't this bad, we've done a lot," said Andrew Adams with

in Canton.

The guys at Ziegler Tire explain that if you hit a pothole just right, it doesn't take much to rip the rubber.

"Anything on the shoulder or on the sidewall is not repairable so you basically need a new tire, and it's just the weight of the rim coming down and cutting into the sidewall," said Sean Roberts, also with Ziegler Tire.

You may actually be getting off easy if you just take out your tire.

The big expense comes when you smash the ridge of a pothole at a high rate of speed.

If you bend your aluminum wheels, they can't be fixed and they start at $250 apiece. Sometimes steel wheels can be bent back in place, but often they can't be balanced properly.

"Even if we are able, if we're lucky enough to get it into balance, the driver still feels it because it's constantly bouncing back and forth," said Roberts.

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