Minority contractors and citizens meet to recall Cleveland's mayor

Minority contractors and citizens meet to recall Cleveland's mayor

"We can sweep him!" chanted about 70 Clevelanders inside the Kinsman Square Party Center on E. 93rd Street.

Some in the group brought brooms, and then pretended to sweep the floor to demonstrate how they are going sweep Mayor Frank Jackson right out of office.

"It's time to knock Mr. Jackson down a peg or two. It's time for him to come out. He has not stood for this city since he's been here," said Darlen Dos Reis of Cleveland.

Dos Reis is a retired Cleveland school bus driver who says the city needs change.

"The city has holes in the streets. There are abandoned homes everywhere. You can't seem to get the snow removed. You have excuse after excuse after excuse," added Dos Reis.

But there's an even bigger issue that seems to have pushed talk of a recall forward: the city's handling of police brutality cases, specifically the shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice by a Cleveland police officer..

"The same thing doesn't happen to white children, not often anyway," said Rachelle Smith of Cleveland. 

Mayor Jackson says he's working diligently with the Department of Justice to make the Cleveland Police Department better.

"As we go along, we'll talk about it. What I won't talk about are the individual things that we are negotiating and the differences in our negotiation, if we are having differences," said Mayor Jackson.

Earlier today, Rev. Pamela Pinkney-Butts was at the Mayor's State of the City Address.

"I believe that given the opportunity, if Mayor Jackson had an opportunity to do so, he would do what he can do because he's done it for me. I just think we need to stop beating each other up and start lifting each other up," said Pinkney-Butts.

12,000 signatures are needed to call a special election to recall the Mayor. 19 Action News Investigator Scott Taylor asked Mayor Jackson about the efforts to get him booted out of office.

"More power to them. More power to them," said Jackson.

The group says they will have the signatures they need to get the recall on the ballot by May 1.

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