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Ohio cheese company develops new animal welfare policy after 19 Action News investigation

Local company changes policies after investigation (Source: WOIO) Local company changes policies after investigation (Source: WOIO)
In November 2014, 19 Action News Investigative Reporter Scott Taylor broke the story across the nation of workers on the Andrus Dairy farm in Wisconsin who were caught on hidden camera punching, kicking and cutting the tails off of cows with garden shears.
The hidden camera video was obtained from Mercy For Animals.

The group also alerted the Shawano County Sheriff's Department. No criminal charges were filed which was a huge shock to the Mercy for Animals lead investigator who videotaped the attacks.

19 Action News will not identify the investigator who said, "I am baffled why the Shawano County Sheriff wouldn't want charges pressed."

Scott Taylor took the hidden camera video to Great Lakes Cheese in Hiram, Ohio. They sell products made with milk from Andrus Dairy. 
After seeing the undercover video, Great Lakes Cheese quickly put a hold on purchasing any more products.
Now four months later, Taylor has discovered Great Lakes Cheese is working on developing a new sweeping Animal Welfare Policy.

Mercy for Animals President Nathan Runkle tells 19 Action News that Great Lakes Cheese's new policy will reduce the suffering of thousands of cows each year.

Officials from Great Lakes Cheese say, "We continue to promote and support animal health and wellness. Our Animal Welfare policy demonstrates that commitment."

The new policy is expected to include pain relief during de-horning, proper veterinary care for sick and injured animals, as well as a mandate that all cutting off of cow's tails end by 2018.

An announcement from Great Lakes Cheese is expected later this year.

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