Police surprise 89-year-old man by shoveling his driveway

Police surprise 89-year-old man by shoveling his driveway

BROOKLYN, OH (WOIO) - 89-year-old Norbert Dempsey's driveway in Brooklyn is clear now, but earlier this week it was a hockey rink full of snow and cold, hard ice.

Tuesday Dempsey fell while trying to maneuver his driveway.

"I was about four feet from the door and I slipped on some snow. Slid right on the ice and down I went," said Dempsey.

EMS and a Brooklyn Police cruiser responded to Dempsey's 911 call. They helped him back into the house.

"I didn't hurt myself. I fallen at least ten times," said Dempsey.
Later that afternoon Brooklyn Police Officers TJ Schill and Tony Aftim returned to Dempsey's home, pulled out some shovels and went to work.

The officers cleared his walk and his entire driveway. They even took the time to spread salt so all the ice melted away.

"I wasn't acquainted with them. For them to come out on their own volition, it was absolutely something. It warms the heart. They were tops!" said Dempsey.

He paid the officers a visit at the Brooklyn Police Department to give them a tip for their good deed, but the officers just accepted a thank

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