Hollywood helps the treadmill time roll faster

Hollywood helps the treadmill time roll faster

There's a lot of money to be made in the health club business. It's why gyms are offering everything from smoothie bars, tanning, massages and more. Some chains are even attracting new members with a little help from Hollywood to help workouts pass a little faster.

Big screens and surround sound are drawing many gym-goers to a new workout destination: the cardio theatre.

"It actually feels like a movie theater except instead of sitting you're running," says Tony Hernandez.

"It distracts you from actually running which a lot of people hate. So you're just watching a movie and by the time the movie's over, you've ran like three, four miles," he says, "It's always like a good surprise to come in and see which movie they're playing at the time."

Some gyms also takes requests.

"They call in just to make sure their favorite movie is playing," says Sharron Lipford, Assistant Manager of Retro Fitness.

She says the cardio theatre makes the gym less of a chore for some members.

"Their mind is lost in the movie so they're not really thinking about working out," according to Lipford.

Emma Shebest says there's another advantage to the theater.

"It's dark so no one's judging you."

Shebest prefers action movies for their intensity, but has to be really hooked to stay to the end.

"They played Frozen the other day and I watched the whole thing," Shebest says.

It's an entertaining way to burn calories until the credits roll.

In addition to dimmer lights in the cardio theatre, many gyms are dimming the lights throughout the club to cater to people who are a little uncomfortable with their bodies.

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