Outdated and snow-covered fire hydrants pose a problem for Lorain firefighters

Outdated and snow-covered fire hydrants pose a problem for Lorain firefighters
Outdated fire hydrants make it tough to fight house fires.(Source: WOIO)

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - Getting water to fight a house fire on W. 30th in Lorain Friday morning was not an easy task for firefighters. The house was fully engulfed when the fire department got to the scene. Hooking up hoses to the nearest hydrants in an alley behind the home, was impossible, they haven't worked in decades. The hydrant firefighters used was at the end of the street and under a pile of snow.

"We have a lot of hydrants but like many large industrial cities many of them have been out of service for sometime" said Roy Cochran, Lorain's Assistant Fire Chief.

Angel Arroyo Jr. lives right across the street from the burned out home. He knows plowed snow is a problem and tries to help but he's also calling on the city to replace old hydrants.

"We dig them out if possible, when we see them but the problem is there's not enough to see but we are requesting and demanding more fire hydrants for our street," said Arroyo.

Closer working hydrants couldn't have done much to stop the 90-year-old victim from running back into his burning house. However, Arroyo thinks they may play a role in avoiding future tragedies.

"For me it's not just important because I'm running for councilman but It's important because it's the safety of the people in this ward," said Arroyo.

Arroyo and a group of his neighbors are going to city council for help. In the meantime, the fire department could use a hand.

"If someone knows it's there and wants to dig it out it, certainly is a benefit to us," said Cochran.

Fire officials say that goes for hydrants not just in Lorain but everywhere.

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