Rocky River homeowners brace themselves for flooding

Rocky River homeowners brace themselves for flooding

People who live along the river describe the sound of an ice jam breaking as the same sound you'll hear when a train passes overhead. They should know. They've heard it so many times before, and it's not the sound you want to hear because it means you could suddenly find yourself standing in rushing water.

"Once the ice builds up together, it bursts and you hear this big sound. I know people say when they hear tornados and other things it sounds like a train, but that's exactly what it sounds like," said Pam Baron, who lives near the mouth of the Rocky River.

Ice jams breaking in this part of the Rocky River have, in the past, led to big time flooding. With temperatures finally hitting the forties and even pushing closer to the fifties this week, an ice rink created along the river is, no doubt, going to turn slushy.

The ice will eventually start to break apart.

Last year, the force of ice damming and water rushing through pushed a boat right up out of the water and onto the owner's front lawn.

Just this week people who live along the river got a letter sent to them by the city, telling them to get their bags packed, just in case, the ice jams as it melts and causes flooding.

"I saw people loading their cars up with pictures, things that are personal, but people have lived out here so long, they kind of roll with it. We know what to do down here," added Baron.

The city is monitoring the thaw and river levels. Insurance agents like 

 Worsencroft, of the Harding and Jacob Insurance Agency, are just waiting to see what comes next. Worsencroft says he insures many of the people who live along the water near the Cleveland Yacht Club.

"We've had instances where water has penetrated the home - either coming up through the drain tile or overflowing through the basement. It can be a real mess," said Worsencroft.

For now all is quiet, but you can guarantee people living here will be keeping their eyes and ears open - especially when they hear the sound of the train that crosses hundreds of feet above them. That's when they'll look out their window and hope for the best.

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