Mom wants answers over son's injuries from school

Mom wants answers over son's injuries from school
Derek Lett's mouth. (Source: Family)
Derek Lett's mouth. (Source: Family)

EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - The mother of a first grader at

in Euclid is frustrated because she can't get answers as to why her son came home with a bloody lip and injured tooth. She says it happened at the hands of a teacher.

"He told me that the teacher had drug him out of the classroom and his face hit the door," explained Rozell Sneede.

Pictures of Derek Lett taken last Tuesday show he has the bloody lip, and blood near the base of a tooth. The next day, Rozell Sneede went to the school for answers, but says the teacher was not there and the principal was unaware that something had happened. 

She returned to Bluestone the next day. At her request, Derek had been moved to a new classroom, which is where she met the teacher.

"She told me that she was sorry and it was an accident," said Sneede. But she doesn't believe it was an accident.

At the Euclid School Board Offices, we were initially told they couldn't talk about any student. We brought a signed note from Derek's mom giving us the green light to talk to the district about what happened. Eventually, Superintendent Keith Bell came to the building to talk to us about an investigation into the matter that included hallway videotape. 

The probe ended on Friday, unbeknownst to Sneede. 

"It wasn't anything that was malicious by the teacher, no intent to induce harm or anything like that, and the investigation and all the information we reviewed justified that," said Bell.

For now one thing is clear, Derek's mom is giving serious thought to where he will attend school in the future.

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