Cleveland begins work patching potholes

Cleveland begins work patching potholes
Pothole Killer in Cleveland 2016. (Source: WOIO)

Cleveland officials have announced their efforts to get a handle on the city's pothole problem.

"We are using every means at our disposal to fix these problems," said Darnell Brown, Chief Operating Officer for the city of Cleveland.

City officials are not only bringing back two of the city's famous Pothole Killers, but two similar machines, as well as traditional crews to the tune of $42 million.

"We are running a 24 hour operation, attacking potholes six days a week. I think that says, speaks to the urgency we have in addressing this issue," said Brown.

Right now they have six crews out, but once the asphalt plants provide the materials needed, the city says that number will jump to as many as twelve crews with workers starting on the worst holes first.

"As far as potholes for the next 30 days or so, what we are doing is we have our six crews. We basically have our district unit leaders go out and drive their districts. They found the worst areas. And so we are doing the worst first as to where we are directing our crews to," said Brown.

They have their work cut out for them.

But the city says, with all the different tools they are using to attack the problem, the number of potholes that pop up each year should diminish.

"If we use the right materials, use the proper process, you should get up to 30 months out of these type of repairs," Brown said.

In the meantime, will the city be able to keep up with all the claims from people who have suffered damage?

Remember, we want you to report the potholes to us. We are sending those complaints to the city and keeping track of them for you.

If you suffered damages from one of the potholes on our list, you may be entitled to damages.

We are doing this because the city has nothing like this on its website and we want transparency.

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