New diet program targets genetics to drop weight

New diet program targets genetics to drop weight

For anyone trying to lose weight, we're told watching our calories is as important as exercise. But the latest research is finding that calories are only part of the equation.

A new diet program promises to "reset" your genetics to help you change your weight and health.

David Zinczenko says the Zero Belly Diet uses the latest scientific evidence to silence the "fat genes" that are keeping you from losing weight.

Some evidence suggests that inflammation in the body messes with our hormones, driving us to eat more and store more as fat. Zinczenko says the processed foods that make up 70 percent of the American diet are the problem.

"Our body has a hard time processing these processed foods and that causes backups which lead to inflammation," says Zinczenko.

He adds that certain nutrient rich foods can reset your body's genes to "slim."

"The biggest thing that you have to try to do is get rid of the killer fat, the visceral that is sitting deep within your stomach. And it's pressed up against your vital organs. It's feeding them toxins, and over time, it can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, certain forms of cancer," Zinczenko claims.

He says every meal should have healthful fat, protein and fiber. Nutrient rich foods feed the good bacteria in your gut and get rid of the bad bacteria that science is showing can make you fat.

"I even have a Zero Belly burger in there which is 94 percent lean grass-fed beef. And what studies have shown is that it has as many Omega 3's as fish. So you can have these great delicious foods and still fight inflammation, restore gut health, lose a lot of weight," says Zinczenko.

Exercise attacks the dangerous belly fat, and Zinczenko says his super foods have helped the average person lose more than 13 pounds in six weeks, with some losing as many as 16 pounds in only two weeks.

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