99 years to life for 'Heartless Felons' gang leader

99 years to life for 'Heartless Felons' gang leader
Sentencing day for Julius Webster. (Source: WOIO)

Exactly one month after a local gang leader was convicted of kidnapping and aggravated murder,

was sentenced to 99 years to life. He will not be eligible for parole until the time is served.

"The court finds, in this case, Julius Webster represents a clear and present danger to the citizens of Cuyahoga County and the state Ohio," Judge Michael Astrab said. "Moments like these require someone who will act, to do the unpleasant thing, the necessary thing, and in this case, I am ready to do that."

Webster was found guilty for a carjacking, along with the robbery and murder of 31-year-old Curtis Leon Marks, Jr.

Marks' mother, Celva James, asked for the life sentence as she addressed the court.

"For an individual to play God and take a life, it's unacceptable," she said. "It has truly destroyed my family."

Webster was indicted for "participating in a criminal gang" as part of the "Heartless Felons" street gang, which he was believed to have led. Prosecutors say this was only the second time they have used the gang charge.

Security was tight throughout the trial. Prosecutors claim that judge Astrab received two death threats during the trial and there was an attempt to intimidate a witness.

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