Consumer Alert: ATV Dangers

Consumer Alert: ATV Dangers

During a three year period, more than 82 Ohioans lost their lives in ATV accidents. Thousands more were injured.

A recent public service announcement addresses the problem.

Child advocates wanted the PSA to focus specifically on the mistakes adults make in allowing the improper use of ATVs by minors.

"Adults that allow children to go off on an ATV unsupervised without proper equipment," said Lisa King, a child welfare advocate.

The PSA also reveals statistics. The numbers reflect ended or changed lives.

"In a recent report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were an estimated 100,000 ATV-related injuries in the United States," a voice-over in the PSA narrates, "25 percent of these were under the age of 16. In one year, the estimated number of ATV related fatalities was 684."

During filming last year, harsh reality assured actors, crews, and child advocates that they were sending the right message.

"While we were filming one Saturday there were two deaths in our immediate surrounding counties of teenagers and younger children that died of improper use of ATVs," King said.

The accidents fed the passion to do more.

In addition to the PSA, a short film was made specifically pointing out common mistakes made on ATVs and how the useful vehicle can be used in a fun and safe manner.

Click here to see the full PSA.

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