Spring clean for cash

Spring clean for cash
Clothes Mentor in Mayfield Heights (Source: WOIO)
Clothes Mentor in Mayfield Heights (Source: WOIO)

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - More than 70 percent of Americans are getting ready to do some spring cleaning, especially in their closets. So why not make some money in the process?

Resale shops are a $12 billion a year business.

At Clothes Mentor in Mayfield Heights you can get high-end labels, designer purses, and a pay day.

"I have all these old clothes I'm fishing through, trying to get rid of some old stuff, make room for new," said Chris Barone.

"You bring them in and we're able to look at them on the spot. It takes about 20 minutes, and we are able to hand you the cash for them," said owner Randi Rose.

That's unlike consignment shops, where you can wait up to 90 days to get paid, if your item sells, says Rose. Garage sale items only sell for an average of 85 cents. Rose says their average customer walks away with about $50.

"But we've had people who've really hauled over their closet, or found a lot of nice jewelry or designer bags and they've walked with $400 and $500," says Rose.

How much you make depends on what you bring in, what shape it's in and how current it is. What you're offered is based on research by the Clothes Mentor franchise.

"So it's not my opinion or my employees' opinions about what will sell. We have strict guidelines that we're going from," she says.

Rose says you can make the most money off your designer handbags.  

"I love purses. They have the best prices on purses," says frequent customer Sharon Cooper.

And lucky for resale shop owners, often a lot of what they're paying out to customers, gets spent back at their shop in the same visit.

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