Hundreds of steel workers could lose jobs

Hundreds of steel workers could lose jobs

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - Security workers at the U.S. Steel in Lorain appear to keep a close eye on the entrance to their plant at a difficult time. Up to an estimated 614 workers could be losing their jobs.

"It's devastating. It's positively devastating. That's a lot of families. It's not good. It's not good," said Debbie Ferrell of Lorain.

provide pipes for fracking and oil drilling. It's been reported that low gas prices have reduced the need for the pipes.

The president of USW Local 1104 released a statement on the union's website:

"We are continuing to discuss with the company the layoff minimization plan. We met for a couple of hours today and discussed our concerns and what we feel has to be included in the plan."

Alberto Ortiz, like hundreds of others, has a connection to the plant. He says his father worked here.

"We'll lose a lot of money. We just have to live with it, the ones that are living in Lorain," said Ortiz.

The impact the layoffs will have on local families and the city of Lorain has people who live here worried.

"I pray for them. I do I pray for them," added Ferrell, "It's sad, and I hope that the governor, that everyone can pitch in to do what they can for these families."

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