DDIW: Taco Tastico

DDIW: Taco Tastico

(WOIO) - When you're trying to watch your weight, Mexican food is probably something you should avoid. But a product called the

claims you can enjoy your Mexican meal without packing on the pounds. But you ask, Danielle, does it work?

My oh my, how I love tacos. But I don't love the grease, fat, and calories.

That's where the Taco Tastico comes in, a microwave taco shell maker for extremely crispy tacos in minutes. According to the commercial, it can do this with 10 times less fat and two-thirds the calories. But you ask, Danielle, does it work?

"I hope it does what it says it's supposed to do," says Deanna Kidd.

Deanna and her husband, Bill, eat tacos once every two weeks. They usually choose a soft shell as a healthier option, but would prefer a hard shell taco.

"Hopefully it does the same thing as a taco shell, like you would get at Taco Bell, or a Mexican restaurant," says Bill.

With this Taco Tastico, you're supposed to be able to fold a soft tortilla over the contraption, stick it in the microwave for one minute, and out comes a hard taco shell.

But the Kidds are skeptical if it will actually work, especially with this particular claim from a woman in the commercial: "The Taco Tastico helped me lose 100 pounds!" 

Deanna opened it and read the directions: "Microwave for one to one and a half minutes on high."

She put a corn tortilla on the Taco Tastico, and placed it in the microwave for one minute, and the tortilla started to take shape.

"I don't know. It looks like it's forming to it," she said.

The shells hold their shape. But the real test is the taste test.

"I keep going back to Taco Bell. It doesn't taste like that kind of texture. It's a little bit different in taste-wise," says Bill.

"It's really crunchy, and it's not oily, and it's definitely healthier. The texture, it was just a little bit tough on the shell, but it's still good," says Deanna.

They also tried a low-carb option: a garden veggie wrap. Again, Deanna put the soft tortilla in for a minute.

The taste and texture were also a little different, but they still liked it.

"It worked really well. The only downfall: It fell off a couple times. But other than that, I think it worked really well. I was surprised."

Their only tip was using the smaller-sized tortillas.

So it seems the Taco Tastico is "muy bueno!"

You can get the Taco Tastico for $8. Amazon customers gave it four out of five stars.

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