Residents along Vermilion River keep an eye on ice jams

Residents along Vermilion River keep an eye on ice jams

VERMILION, OH (WOIO) - Dozens of people were standing on a bridge at

near Vermilion taking pictures and gazing out over the frozen river, when suddenly a loud bursting sound broke the silence.

"Oh here it comes. Yep, here it comes," said Brian Coseo of Vermilion.

Water rushed underneath the North Ridge Road Bridge, and rose so quickly that just steps away the road disappeared, quickly washed away.

Fast moving rapids replace the pavement that was once there.

"I was over there at the playground across the street before the road started flooding, and we were over there, and the water was coming around us as we were standing there.  So, we had to move so we didn't get hit by the water," described Nick Niehart of Vermilion.

Cars and trucks were stuck on the other side of the impromptu stream created by the flooding.

Hugh Coyle and his wife live down the river. They had three feet of water in their home last spring when the same thing happened.

"Hopefully, the river won't divert like it did last year and come down the middle of the street," said Coyle.

Their porch is still pulled apart after last year's flood. Now, they're scrambling to move their belongings to the second level of their waterfront home.

"We go through this every year. We're a little bit worried. Mill Hollow is completely flooded over and blocked off as you saw. So, it's coming this way. It could be tonight. It could be tomorrow morning," added Coyle.

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