Bernie Kosar talks Browns, free agency

Bernie Kosar talks Browns, free agency

The Browns have been awfully quiet on the free agency front, and many fans are not happy. We wanted to know what one a former Browns great thought.

Bernie Kosar's phone continues to ring off the hook. He consults with various teams around the league, but not the Browns.

But at heart, Bernie is still a diehard Browns fan and he understands more than anyone how frustrating it's been for everyone in this town.

"This is the movie 'Groundhog Day' where it just keeps happening. This is 15 years of hell for the fans and you can't diminish their feelings. Also though, you can't overly punish Mr. Haslam and the current regime because they're not responsible for the mistakes of 15 years ago, ten years ago, five years ago," said Kosar.

Bernie also had great praise for Brian Hoyer who signed his brand new deal with the Houston Texans. It's two years, $10.5 million with almost $5 million guaranteed.

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