High school student warned for wearing a dress to school

High school student warned for wearing a dress to school

GREEN, OH (WOIO) - Keegan Carr decided to wear a dress to Green High School on March 6, he says, as part of a joke and to support gay rights.

He was given a warning for wearing the dress because, as school officials told our Scott Taylor, it was too revealing.

"It was off the shoulder and would not be allowed even if a female student was wearing it. We support all students' rights to express themselves but they must follow our dress code policy," said Green City Schools spokesperson Julie McMahan.

Carr wore a dress to school again on March 10. He says it wasn't a joke anymore. This time, his goal was to support gay rights.

Carr was issued a dress code violation that led to a call to his parents.

"I don't have a problem with my son supporting gay rights or if he wants to wear a dress, but he can't be a distraction at school," said Kenny Carr.

Carr told our Scott Taylor he put a shirt over the dress to bring it into compliance with the dress code.

He claims that school officials told him the dress was a distraction even with the shirt. He says he was asked to change his clothes again.

"If someone wants to dress a certain way to express what they feel they should be allowed as long as it's appropriate," Carr told Scott Taylor.

Other students told 19 Action News they will cross dress on Friday at Green High School to support Carr as well as gay rights.

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