Texters Beware! Chiropractors call "text neck" an epidemic

Texters Beware! Chiropractors call "text neck" an epidemic

AVON, OH (WOIO) - Chiropractor Dr. Natalie Migoni has seen a surge of patients in her office with symptoms of "text neck," an injury some health officials are calling an epidemic.

"This is happening across the country," said Dr. Migoni with HealthSource of Avon.

"I've seen chronic neck pain where their necks are just driving them nuts all day long and tons and tons stiff shoulders."

"Text neck" is caused by constant stress on the neck while looking down at your cell phone for extended periods of time.

"For every degree forward that we move our head off our shoulders it starts to exert more pressure on our shoulders," said Dr. Migoni.

She says some people even come to her for treatment for "text neck" but still cant stop texting.

"Sometimes I'll even see it, I'll walk into a room with someone and their head down."

Dr. Migoni says young people are most at risk for the long term effects of "text neck" which include arthritis and spine damage.

"Sadly it's worse the younger we get because of that change in culture. I've X-rayed 25-year-olds who look like 80-year-olds because of the stress on their posture."

Dr. Migoni says the best way to avoid "text neck" is to take a a text break.

"Every 20 minutes actively roll your shoulders down bring your head back. Try to engage those muscles to have good posture and good support. Little things make a big difference over time."

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