Deer culling draws controversy in Avon Lake

Deer culling draws controversy in Avon Lake

AVON LAKE, OH (WOIO) - Avon Lake Police combed the woods at Weiss Field to make sure no one was in the park hours before two sharpshooters climbed into a tree stand to shoot and kill close to 20 deer.

"They are just sitting in tree stands or sitting up off the ground so they can shoot down and make safe shots. They are just sitting there waiting for deer to come in," said Geoff Westerfield with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The culling is an effort to cut down on the deer overpopulation problem in the Avon Lake area. Dave Zebbernick just hit a deer in Avon Lake last year.

"You have to do something, and if killing some of them is the answer, you have to look at that because somebody is going to get killed," said Zebbernick.

"I think it's a necessity. I mean I like deer. I like wildlife. I don't like to see anything happen to them. I don't hunt, but, you know as long as it's done responsibly, I suppose it's a good thing," said Roger Halback of Sheffield Lake.

Halback drives through Avon Lake frequently. He is constantly scanning the roadway where, he says, he constantly sees deer roaming.

But not everyone agrees that there even is a problem.

"We are ground central for the deer here, and they are not a problem for us, which is our spread or our area. So, if it's not a problem for us, why is it a problem for everyone else?" asked Herb Iglinski, who lives across the street from the city park at Weiss Field.

Some aren't convinced that killing the deer is the answer.

"They haven't given a chance to doing something else, maybe birth control, maybe using nets to remove them somehow," said Dan Lavigne of Avon Lake.

The city of Avon Lake has until mid-April to kill 20 deer, so there may be more culling.

The meat collected will be donated.

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