Dru Joyce: "Beyond Championships, A playbook for winning at life"

Interview with Dru Joyce

Akron St.Vincent-St.Mary is the home of LeBron James, but a coach who has played a huge role in his life is the current Fight Irish basketball coach, Dru Joyce.  The Fighting Irish under Joyce have won three State Championships (03,09,11).

Joyce wrote a book,

The book is focused on finding success in life and takes readers from the basketball court to the arena of life in a book that is so much more than a sports book. The books is a blueprint for anyone looking to make better choices and reach their full potential.

"The book when you read it, you'll be surprised it's not just about basketball, I think the messages are for everyone at every stage of life because for me I didn't realize my dream till mid-life and I had the courage if you will to make a change in life that some of us wouldn't, but I did and now I haven't looked back and I'm happy that I made it," Joyce stated.

LeBron James is known for being a very unselfish player and went on record to say he enjoys his teammates success more than his. Joyce was one of  James' coaches at St.Vincent-St.Mary and we asked him if he saw that early on in LeBron, "I can remember having one conversation with him ever about passing the ball. He was 11-years old, we were driving home from a practice and I just shared that 'LeBron if you share the ball everyone will want to play with you' and I never had to have that conversation again, he got it. You can see till this day he gets as much excitement out of making a great pass as he does out of scoring a basket."

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