Hanging out at Heinen's

Hanging out at Heinen's
Downtown Heinen's continues to draw crowds. (Source: WOIO)

It has only been open a couple of weeks and the new downtown

continues to draw in steady crowds.

Thousands of people have already shopped at the store that many are calling an "experience."

Heinen's has been busy since it's opening in February. Store officials could not give us exact numbers just yet, but people we talked to who frequent the business tell us they've noticed plenty of traffic in and out of the store.

One of the big hits is the beer and wine section on the second level.

"I was just upstairs buying wine and there's people upstairs drinking, having fun, seems like a nice place to hang out," says Gene Farber.
"As a downtown worker I've been coming here almost every day either for lunch or afterwards and always run into people I know, it's great," says Brandon Vulpitta.

$10 million was invested into the downtown full service supermarket.

Many say they are glad to be a part of the downtown revitalization. Right now about 15,000 people live downtown.

That number is expected to increase with the apartments and other businesses going up.

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