OSHP Buzzed Driving campaign goes into effect

OSHP Buzzed Driving campaign goes into effect


is working with local law enforcement to stop people from driving drunk.

They'll have 84 OVI checkpoints this weekend. It's part of the Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving campaign.

More than 99 local law enforcement agencies around the state are participating thanks to federal grants provided though the Patrol's Ohio Traffic Safety Office.

Eduardo Galindo with Camino Taco and Tequila Bar on West 9th Street, he's doing what he can to keep those drivers off the road in the first place.

"Slurred speech is always a quick give away. Bloodshot eyes. You see someone getting up from the bar and table, stumbling towards the restroom. That's kind of an indicator that we need to pump the breaks on that person," said Galindo.

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