Rocky River man arrested for Brooklyn hit-skip

Rocky River man arrested for Brooklyn hit-skip

BROOKLYN, OH (WOIO) - The morning walk to work along Clinton Road in Brooklyn, changed one man's life in an instant on Thursday. Two friends were walking together near the curb just after 5 A.M. That's when Police say, 34-year-old, Bradly Fox, hit one of the men in his 2011 Black Chevy Silverado and took off.

The victim was rushed to Metro Health Medical Center with severe head injuries.

Pieces of the truck were left at the scene.

This story takes an incredible twist when the victim's cousin, Julion Welch, went to the Sunoco at the corner of W. 150th and Puritas in Cleveland, where he always goes to get gas. When he didn't see the attendant, he peeked inside the service area looking for someone to help him. There, he noticed an SUV that looked exactly like the one police told everyone to be on the lookout for.

Welch says he struck up a conversation with Fox when he noticed Fox seemed to be trying to block his view of the vehicle's license plate.

"I said, 'are you getting some work done today?' He says, 'yeah. I'm getting a right headlight put in.' I said, 'oh really?'" described Welch.

According to Welch, Fox claimed his wife had driven into their garage at home and damaged the headlight.

"So, I walked around to the front of the truck. The same busted headlight is in there. The extender is all cracked and dented, and I just walked out to where (the owner) was, and I asked him if I could use the phone to dial 9-1-1," added Welch.

Brooklyn Police showed up, and eventually, they say Fox confessed. He was arrested right on the spot. Welch says his cousin is expected to recover, but has a long road ahead of him.

"What if he was out there walking by himself.? He would have been left for dead if my other cousin wasn't walking with him, because he didn't stop,"

said Welch.

Bradly Fox is facing felony charges and is expected in Parma Municipal Court Monday morning.

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