Tempers 'still' hot over shoveling ice cold snow

Tempers 'still' hot over shoveling ice cold snow

EASTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - Like most places in Northeast Ohio the snow has melted in Eastlake, but that hasn't done anything to warm an icy relationship between two neighbors involved in a now infamous shovel scuffle.

It happened earlier this month when the snow was piled high and still coming down.

Across the street neighbor Will Immke decided to shovel Larry Myers elderly next door neighbor's sidewalk.

He did a bit of Myers too. But Myers objected, and began to use his snow blower to undo Will's work.

Myers says, "I specifically told him I don't need you to shovel my section of the sidewalk."

Immke's version is different. "He grabbed me right here, just like this and pushed my face back."  He claims Myers even re-piled the snow between his house and his neighbor's, basically blocking the sidewalk.

Myers plead no contest in court without comment. He also had no comment when we went to his home to get his side of things. As we left he taped our crew with a video camera.

Myers is due back in court on March 31st.

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