Lucky Irish twins celebrate first St. Patrick's Day

Lucky Irish twins celebrate first St. Patrick's Day

Mary Michelle Coleman-Walsh and her mother, Mary Margert Coleman, have gone to every St. Patrick's Day Parade for as far back as they can remember.

"I've come here every day of my life, so...a lot of years," said Mary Michelle Coleman-Walsh, who grew up in Cleveland.

But this year is more special than any of the others because of two small additions to their big Irish family. 

Coleman-Walsh's twins, Molly and Sean, were born on May 31, 2014. That makes 2015 their first St. Patrick's Day -- a day their mother has waited to see. 

While Coleman-Walsh always dreamed of having children, she feared it would never happen. But after years of hoping, last year she became pregnant with double of what they expected.

"We got two for one, our perfect Irish-Catholic twins," said Coleman-Walsh. "They are a miracle. They are our blessing. We prayed for them for a long time and we're so happy that now we get to pass our heritage on to them." 

It's tradition that every baby in Coleman-Walsh's family celebrate his or her first St. Patrick's Day at Cleveland's parade.

"My mother used to bring me on my first St. Patrick's Day. And I brought her. So now I'm bringing my grandchildren," said Mary Margert Coleman. 

Molly and Sean seem to be at ease and following in their family's footsteps. 

"This is only the beginning, but I think this is the greatest thing I can give them in their culture," said Coleman-Walsh.

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