Local couple turns to third location to tie the knot after a string of setbacks

Local couple turns to third location to tie the knot after a string of setbacks

LAKE COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Jason Sweeney and his fiancé Amy have been together for eight years.

They have a 5-year-old son together named Ryan.

The couple got engaged in 2009 but had to postpone their wedding because Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"The chemotherapy. The radiation and surgery, it was devastating," explains Jason Sweeney.

Amy is now a five year cancer survivor.

The two set a wedding date for June of 2015.

They picked out a hall, but several months later their contract was cancelled when the business closed.

So they signed a contract with Madison Country Club, put down a $3,000 deposit and were getting ready to say "I do."

"We picked out the food and the booze. All the fun stuff. All the details," says Sweeney.

Then Sweeney was stunned to find out the country club went up in flames last week. He says he's been trying to get his money back but has gotten the runaround.

"I Facebooked them. I call all the necessary people. They're supposed to call me back. No one has called me back," says Sweeney.

19 Action News called the same number and didn't have much luck either. We were told to call back later, then got hung up on.

Fortunately, Sweeney says he and his fiancé have found a third place where they hope to tie the knot.

"She deserves a princess wedding. She's going to have a princess wedding. I'm going to marry this woman and I'm going to go through anything to do it. It seems like we're getting through quite a bit so far. It's going to happen," says Sweeney.

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