Lawsuit filed against Akron fraternity

Lawsuit filed against Akron fraternity

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Gabriel Dorsey says it was racism that got him beat up and kicked out of a

party at the

, the local chapter affiliated with the fraternity in Oklahoma whose racist chant got them shut down.

Dorsey says he was attacked inside the fraternity house moments before he was thrown out.

"They were just stomping me and kicking me and attacking me while I was on the floor, screaming racial slurs and insults," described Dorsey. 

University of Akron Police would later arrest Dorsey.

"When I got home, I got a call by the University of Akron Police Department, and they said they wanted to talk to me about the fight. I thought they were going to help me. When I got there, they immediately arrested me," said Dorsey.

Dorsey was accused of knocking out the teeth of one fraternity brother and punching another brother in the nose.

It all started when Dorsey says someone did something inappropriate to his girlfriend.

"A guy stopped and grabbed my girlfriend from behind, and he had his hands on her butt, and spun her around and was pulling her into his pelvic area and was feeling her up. I stopped, and got in between them and said, you can't do that," Dorsey added.

University of Akron Police claimed they never observed any injuries on Dorsey. He was indicted by a Grand Jury and found not guilty. Dorsey was kicked out of school but has since been allowed to return.

Dorsey just filed a $2 million lawsuit against the fraternity, some University of Akron police officers and the brothers he's accused of assaulting. 

"I just want people to know what they did was wrong, and it can't be done again," said Dorsey. 

In a statement, SAE fraternity chapter president Brandan Johnson says Dorsey: 

"Was not removed from the house because of race; he was removed because he injured two brothers of the fraternity who then needed medical attention."

A University of Akron spokesperson released a statement saying, "Although the University has not yet been served with a copy of the lawsuit, the documents we provided to the media thoroughly detailing the police investigation and hearing of evidence speak for themselves."

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