DDIW: The Push Trainer

DDIW: The Push Trainer

Two weeks ago we told you about a product called the Push Trainer. It's a device designed to strengthen muscles and burn calories in less than 15 minutes a day. We gave it to two testers who were hoping to get into shape.

We returned to ask, Danielle, Does It Work?

Emily Marvin and Matthew Kokish were assigned to use the Push Trainer.

It was developed by a Rocky River man who claims the portable, lightweight device strengthens muscles and burn calories in less than 15 minutes a day.

"I would rather find something I can do at home. I have two boys running around, president of the PTA. I keep very busy," said Emily.

"I've been doing nothing. I've been sleeping and eating," said Matthew.

With the Push Trainer, you can work out your chest, shoulders, arms and legs right in your home.

"The level of difficulty can be adjusted by turning the air release dial," Matthew explained.

We checked back with them after 30 days to see what they thought and how they looked.

"I could use it while watching TV, I could use it in the bedroom, wherever," said Matthew.

He and Emily both liked that the Push Trainer was so convenient.

"I would just sit here on the couch and do the arm ones. On the floor, do the leg ones," said Emily.

And Emily loved that it could be used in so many different ways, saying she felt the burn all over.

"I can feel it a lot in my legs and my thighs especially. I can feel it in my chest area and upper arms," she said.

Matthew said he liked the chest exercise as well, saying, "It seemed liked that one was actually getting a decent workout."

Overall, he felt he could get a better workout in the gym.

"I never really felt the burn of the muscles that I normally would from a regular workout," he added, though Matthew did admit to having an injury which kept him from going full force on his legs.

"I had a pre-existing groin injury and I felt like I had to go really light with that one," he said.

Matthew said he didn't see much change physically, but said the Push Trainer convinced him to join a gym.

Emily said she saw a noticeable difference.

"I can tell there has been some toning too," she said.

It seems that if you really push yourself, the Push Trainer could help you get into shape.

You can buy the Push Trainer for $60, $50 if you say you heard about it on 19 Action News.

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