Experts weigh in on 2016 election season

Experts weigh in on 2016 election season

It's been close to a year-and-a-half since President Barack Obama visited the battleground state of Ohio, and this time around, political experts say he seems to be in legacy mode.

"We believe that if the last decade was defined by outsourcing of good jobs overseas, then we could define this decade by bringing back jobs to America," the president said..

If you viewed today's address to the City Club as the informal kickoff to the campaign for the 2016 election, think again.

"I'm looking around and I don't see Hillary anywhere, and the campaign for president of 2016 does not start for anybody, Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, or anyone else, until Hillary Clinton throws her feet in the race," said Dr. Jason Johnson, a Political Science Professor at Hiram University.

President Obama focused Wednesday's talk on economic recovery.

"The auto industry that we rescued, despite the fact that it was not popular at the time, is firing on all cylinders; that's making a difference right here in Ohio," the president said.

Republicans were quick to fire back.

"What we've seen is Obama continually attacking middle class job growth through vetoing the Keystone pipeline, through attacking coal, through his healthcare plan," said Raffi Williams, the Republican National Committee Spokesman.

If you enjoy the battle over Ohio, you may want to bask in the politically powered limelight now. 

"I think this might be the last year that Ohio is of importance, primarily because of growth in states like Arizona and North Carolina, in particular - they are getting close to Ohio in terms of electoral votes," added Johnson. 

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