LeBron and Kyrie's Popular Shoes

LeBron and Kyrie's Popular Shoes
Kyrie Irving's shoes big earners in Cleveland (Source: Nike)
Kyrie Irving's shoes big earners in Cleveland (Source: Nike)

There's no doubt that LeBron James and Kyrie Irving are superstars on the court.

But they are scoring big off the court too. The Cavaliers teammates have some of the hottest selling sneakers in the Cleveland area.

Kyrie's stellar play this season, including a 55 point performance in one game, has made his shoes extremely popular in our area.

At Next, a trendy boutique store in Cleveland Heights, there are several styles of Kyrie's Nike sneakers on the shelves.

"People just love him," said Chris Weathers who works at the store on Coventry Road. "He's doing it just as much as LeBron has for the Cavs this season."

According to Forbes.com, Kyrie's first signature Nike shoe, which was released in December, racked up $7 million in sales during its first three months.

But nationally, King James truly is the king. Forbes.com reports he led the NBA in shoe sales at $340 million.  Kevin Durant was second
at $195 million, followed by Kobe Bryant at $105 million.

Locally, Kyrie and LeBron are co-kings at Next with two of the three best selling brands.
"Usually, if somebody comes to get one, they either come back to get the other one or they'll just get 'em both," said Weathers. "People love them together. It's great."
The Cavs success this season and a legitimate championship chase are helping to boost sales of the Nikes worn by LeBron and Kyrie.

"It's times when we have a big win and people will be coming in looking for Cavs hats and, you know, of course the shoes," Weathers said.

Years after he retired, Michael Jordan is still the top dog when it comes to sneaker sales worldwide. Sales of his Nike brand topped $2 billion last year.

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