Bracket Business: Fans glued to March Madness

Bracket Business: Fans glued to March Madness

March Madness is well underway and fans call it one of the most exciting sporting events of the year. Die hard basketball fans at the Q were watching the Cavs Friday night, but also keeping an eye on all the college basketball action.

Fans filled the Q for Friday's Cavs game, but many couldn't focus on the game in front of them. College basketball fans were all over and found ways to keep up with what's happening in the NCAA tournament.

"I'm going to have my cell phone in my hand, my left hand, and my beer in my other hand. I'm going to monitor them all night," said Mark Lowrie

All you had to do was look around to see sports fans all over the Q with one eye on the Cavs game and the other on their phones.

"We're sports fans. It's what we do right? That's why we're here," said John Franz.

Technology makes it easy to keep up with the latest scores.

"I have the CBS mobile tracker on my phone," said Jennifer Adams.

We had to ask which was more important: the NCAA tournament or the Cavs game?    

"Cavs. Cavs for sure. I'm born and raised Cleveland," said Tony Busser.

"We're going to go to the Cavs game tonight. We'll worry about the NCAA tomorrow," said Doug Bryner.

"NCAA basketball is more fun right now, but the Cavs absolutely," said Dan Adams.

You can follow both on our website! Head to Chasing a Championship for continuous Cavs coverage and NCAA Tournament to follow everything happening in March Madness.

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