OH Ballot Board approves Marijuana Legalization Amendment

OH Ballot Board approves Marijuana Legalization Amendment

WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - A pot proposal that would legalize marijuana in Ohio is one step closer to making it's way onto the ballot in November.

The Ohio Ballot Board has voted to approve the Marijuana Legalization Amendment.

That means voters could have the chance to decide for themselves whether marijuana should be legal for adults 21 years and older, for medicinal and personal use.

The next step is the collection of 300,000 signatures of registered voters.

Supporters say legalization would mean a boost to the economy..

"Create thousands of new jobs and new businesses, bring millions of dollars in tax revenue to Ohio communities, and make our whole state safer," says Lydia Bolander with ResponsibleOhio.

Opponents like Westlake Police Captain Guy Turner say legalization could mean danger for Ohioans.

"I've seen people that started out with marijuana and yeah they got the $100 fine, and it made no impression on them. Now those people are in rehab or dead," said Turner. "There's just a world of hurt if this comes to pass."

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