Drivers dodge big sinkhole on Eddy Road

Drivers dodge big sinkhole on Eddy Road
While drivers across the city look out for potholes, residents who live along Eddy Road, south of the Shoreway worry about a much bigger problem.  Part of their street was swallowed up by a big sinkhole.

"It's scary, it's scary. That's literally at the corner of my street," said Unique Patterson, a resident who has to drive past it on her way home.

Several neighbors say they noticed part of the asphalt collapsing yesterday.  Within a matter of minutes there was a car crater in the middle of the street.

While many potholes have the potential to do some costly damage to vehicles, this hole can swallow up an entire car and everyone in it.  That's why the people who live on this street are worried.

"We might be running down the street and another part of the street be messed up," said Antonio Adams.

Like Adams, many here are wondering if there are other sinkholes nearby and whether they should be driving so close to this one. 

19 Action News reporter Bill Safos made sure the soil in and around it was stable before stepping into it to find several feet of hallow ground extending under the roadway that cars were still driving on.

"We might get injured," said Adams.

According to the Mayor's Media Relations Director, the City of Cleveland was told about the sinkhole Friday night. 

It couldn't be fixed then but city workers put up yellow tape and orange barrels to keep cars away.  Until it's fixed, neighbors say they're watching drivers dodge a disaster.

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