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Spring begins while winter hangs on

Lakewood Garden Center (Source: WOIO) Lakewood Garden Center (Source: WOIO)
Lakewood Garden Center (Source:WOIO) Lakewood Garden Center (Source:WOIO)
Lakewood Garden Center (Source:WOIO) Lakewood Garden Center (Source:WOIO)

It's the first official weekend of spring, and Lakewood Garden Center is open for business.

“We've had a pretty fair amount of people coming in looking for their therapy in the form of a bag of potting soil and a bag of seeds," said owner, Paul Bilyk, with a smile.

Paul Bilyk is getting the store ready for the burst of business he'll get when spring finally decides to really arrive.

"It's a lot of legwork getting the place ready. We are going to be pricing pottery all day today. We have a bunch more deliveries coming in tomorrow. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we can go with some pansies and maybe some primrose by the week's end," said Bilyk.

Just when we got a taste of the warmer temperatures and sunshine earlier this week, winter seemed to spring right back to below freezing.

Rudy Kovach is going four wheeling anyway.

"Are you just dying for the weather to get nicer out? Yes, so we can out every weekend. We just got back from Miami, so we are like trying to get used to this weather again," said Catrine Hendricks of Cleveland.

Sue Bryan is running around in bare feet acting "as if."

"I want sunshine and things to grow and warmth and just happiness," said Bryan.

The forecast for the week is another roller coaster ride. Mostly days hovering around the 30 degree mark, with a 60 degree day on Wednesday.

“It's March. It's supposed to be up and down. Up and down. I don't expect it to be continuously warm until May," said Rebecca Broward of Cleveland.

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