Consumer Alert: Lumber Liquidators lawsuits

Consumer Alert: Lumber Liquidators lawsuits

You may have seen the 60 Minutes investigation into

. It was damning, to say the least.

The investigation revealed that some tested floor samples were above acceptable levels for formaldehyde, a known cancer-causing chemical.

Now New York Senator Chuck Schumer is asking the Feds to get involved because of safety issues.

He also wants the Consumer Product Safety Commission to investigate and order a recall if they find the company's laminate flooring unsafe.

A Las Vegas woman says she is moving out of her home because she is afraid her brand new floors are toxic and making her sick.

Rosie Oakes recently paid $1,700 to put brand new wall-to-wall liquidator flooring inside her condominium.

"I don't want to live there, breathing this day after day. I want them to do something about it and I want them to do it today," Oakes said.

The flooring was installed in February and Oakes moved in shortly after the installation.

She says her eyes started watering within days, her dog developed an eye infection and her husband had trouble breathing.

"He woke me up at four in the morning coughing. The second day we were in the condo, coughing and coughing and I was like, what's wrong, are you okay? I couldn't get back to sleep, he was coughing so much," Oakes said.

Formaldehyde is known to cause breathing problems, even cancer.

Oakes said when she saw the 60 Minutes investigation, it helped explained her family's health issues.

She's packed up her stuff and is moving out until the floors in her home are tested.

"I feel sorry, not only for myself, but all the people that has it in their homes right now."

Matthew Callister is Oakes' attorney. He has filed a federal lawsuit alleging Lumber Liquidators was negligent for selling the laminate floors.

"You have, not only the product defect, you have the complete violation of disclosure of what the product was advertised to be in terms of safety or non-safety," he said.

Oakes wants Lumber Liquidators to cover the cost to replace the floors.

Lumber Liquidators stands by their products, insisting they are safe.

On a recent conference call, the CEO of Lumber Liquidators announced the company would test floors for concerned customers.

Lumber Liquidators officials are standing by their products, insisting they are safe.

Click here to find out how you can request a test and get more information from the company about the safety of their products.

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