Cleveland Browns on HBO's 'Hard Knocks'?

Cleveland Browns on HBO's 'Hard Knocks'?

It's being reported that the Cleveland Browns are a front-runner to be featured on HBO's series "Hard Knocks" during this year's training camp.

Last year the HBO show had all access to the Atlanta Falcons training camp, even into the coaches office when he has to cut players. Teams have no choice to let the cameras in because of a deal signed by the NFL. If HBO picks your team, there is no turning them down. The only teams exempt are those with a first year head coach, any team that's made the playoffs the past two seasons, or they've been on the show before.

We caught up with a few of the players from the Cleveland Saints, a minor league team for Arena Football. They just came out of a two week training camp and their season started Saturday. A camera in Cleveland's camp, a good idea?

"There's pros and cons to everything. You know I'm sure there's a lot more cons that have to do with the Cleveland Browns than there are pros, no pun intended," said Saints Owner Jonathan Allen.

"It could be a good or bad situation but I pretty much think it's a better situation because it will more help them come together as a team," said Saints DB Geno Trudle.

One of the reasons the Browns might be a front-runners for Hard Knocks is to see what happens next in the drama that is Johnny Manziel.

"This kid is in front of the camera anyway so I really don't think it would make a bit of difference," said Allen.

"He's either going to show up when the lights is on or you going to lay an egg so we're going to see what Johnny can do," said Saints WR Abe Taylor.

"It's kind of good because it will more show everybody if he's growing up and maturing," said Trundle.

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