Mother questions security officer's force used against daughter

Mother questions security officer's force used against daughter

EAST CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - An incident at

in East Cleveland raises a question for both administrators and parents: When a student doesn't follow the rules, how much force is enough to control the situation and how much is too much?

It was a struggle between a student and a security officer. A police report filed by the district charges the girl with assault and disrupting school activities, while the mother says the officer's use of force was over the top.

The police report describes the security officer as advising the student "to go into the third floor office and get a pass." It says the student refused. The officer "put her arm out in an attempt to stop the student from moving." That's when it alleges the student punched the guard in the face with a closed fist. A third officer got involved, and the three fell to the floor.  

The student and one guard were injured. There are marks on the officer's face that could be from a punch. The student has a cut lip.

According to the police report, there was a second confrontation that was verbal. It was the student's mother yelling at the security guard in the office with a third person, a district employee between them.  

The mother forwarded several pictures of the girl's injuries to us, as she initially agreed to an interview. However, after consulting an attorney later she declined to speak.  

Our call to the school's superintendent was not immediately returned.

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