Rainy and Mild, French Plane Crash Investigation, Homeowner Kills Burglar

Rainy and Mild, French Plane Crash Investigation, Homeowner Kills Burglar


Rain showers early maybe a rumble of thunder…clearing by Lunch West to East. Windy and warm in the afternoon.


Another system tonight brings colder air and more rain with dropping temps.  LOW: 45


Cloudy and dropping temps. Rain showers, heavy at times especially focused in the morning into the early afternoon. High: 45 and dropping

(CNN) - A quick descent, no distress call, the pilot's actions - It will be months or longer before the causes behind Tuesday's crash of Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 are known, but there are initial clues that aviation experts say will be the most important to investigators.

Meanwhile, the Germanwings chief executive officer revealed that

Speculation comes in the wake of any tragedy such as this, but experts say certain facts can be significant for those who want to know what happened. The cockpit voice recorder, one of the plane's two "black boxes," has been recovered, the French interior minister said. The device - which is designed to capture all sounds on a plane's flight deck, including conversations between the pilots - is damaged but not beyond use, he said. The search is still on for the flight data recorder, which stores a vast array of parameters about what the aircraft was doing, such as air speed, engine performance and cabin pressure. But it is a good sign that one of the devices was found just hours after the crash.

The contents of the two black boxes are expected to be crucial for investigators' efforts to figure out what happened to Flight 9525. The cockpit voice recorder was sent to France's aviation accident investigation bureau on Tuesday evening, the Interior minister saidM

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) -A man is dead following a Tuesday night shooting in Cleveland. Police said the victim, whom they identified as Joseph W. Eason, 19, was shot at 16804 Walden Ave. Eason and another man were allegedly breaking into the house when the homeowner came home and surprised them. The homeowner shot Eason while his partner fled. The second suspect is still on the run.Eason was pronounced dead at MetroHealth Medical Center. Police said the investigation is ongoing.

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