Avoid getting bitten by puppy scams

Avoid getting bitten by puppy scams

Sometimes it takes quite a bit of research and time to find the exact dog you're looking for. Many turn to the internet to track one down.

Purebred puppies can be quite an investment, sometimes thousands of dollars depending on the breed, and the latest Better Business Bureau alert is for those looking for Siberian Huskies.

Several complaints surround alleged dog breeder "Emi Husky Puppies", who consumers say request up-front payments of more than $800, $315 for delivery and about $500 for insurance and other expenses.

When you look up the breeder, the search says puppies are available. But, it looks like the website has been taken down.

The Better Business Bureau found that the address for the breeder's main office is an apartment complex. The company isn't even registered as a corporation. The website domain name is registered in Thailand.

"That's horrifying," said pet parent Connie Cordasco.

She got her "rescue dog" four months ago and says she would never consider buying one online.

"I think it'd be better to meet the dog and know what you're getting yourself into," said Cordasco.

The BBB says if you do find a dog online, do not send money without checking the breeder's credentials first.

Visit the breeding facility before the purchase and bring your puppy home personally. Your best bet is to never purchase a dog from a website at all.

The American Kennel Club is a useful tool if you are looking at breeders.

Contact the club to verify that a breeder is legitimate.

Click here for more information on spotting a fake breeder.

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