Pot-bellied pig at the center of custody dispute

Pot-bellied pig at the center of custody dispute

A pig problem is brewing for some local pet lovers. The big question is where should "Sergeant Sausage" end up?

"Sergeant Sausage" is a pot-bellied pig caught in the middle of a custody dispute.

The Rodriguez family in Cleveland had Sarge for about a year when they determined that they needed to give him up.

"We felt him locked up all day just wasn't fair for him. We wanted to get him on a farm, get him somewhere safe," said Jay Rodriguez.

So even though he loved the pig like a family member he got on Facebook and started communicating with rescue groups and found a new home for Sarge with a woman named Debbie in Painesville.

Even better, a woman named Wendy from the rescue group told Rodriguez she would transport the pig to Debbie for him.

"Wendy kind of says, 'hey we'll actually do the transport for you guys, make it a little easier on you guys.' So I said ok," said Rodriguez.

Wendy the transporter picked up Sarge on Tuesday, but by Tuesday afternoon Wendy told Rodriguez there was a change in the plan and Sarge had been taken to a new foster farm.

"You don't think Wendy had any intentions of delivering that pig to Painesville?" 19 Action News Reporter Dan DeRoos asked.

"Not at all," said Rodriguez.

Once things got more slippery than a greased pig, Rodriguez wanted to pull the plug and bring Sarg home.

That's when all communication with Wendy stopped. Rodriguez has even seen posts that suggest Sarge may now be for sale.

"I want him to come back home," pleads Rodriguez. "I don't know who they're going to sell him to. He could already be gone, he could be on someone's table."

19 Action News has reached out to several people involved in the Sarge situation and no one is talking.

Cleveland Police detectives are now involved.

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